Gamestop Layaway


eLayaway has revolutionized the way layaway works

eLayaway lets you receive your item(s) from GameStop before your first payment is due. No longer do you have to pay off your purchase in full prior to receiving your items.

We make it simple for you:

  • Step 1: Apply for the eLayaway payment plan here
  • Step 2: After getting approved from the 7 minute application, you can receive funds as soon as today
  • Step 3: Start shopping at GameStop and pay with the funds you receive here
  • Step 4: Receive and Enjoy your items
  • Step 5: Make installment payments until your purchase is paid off

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Gamestop does offer layaway on some game systems! With a $25 deposit and no service fees you can start layaway. Payment can only be made at the store where you start the layaway. GameStop also lets you make payments by trading in your used games and putting the credit toward your layaway.
After you make your final payment, you can then pick up your item(s).